Homemade Boba Drinks

Our family loves boba! Two things we do not love about going out to get Boba are the long lines and how expensive it can be for a family of five. So to remedy that – we have been trying out different kinds of boba combos from home! It has been so fun to experiment with the kids in the kitchen. As a mom, I also like being able to control how much sugar goes into each drink. Here are our top two favorite recipes along with our recommendations for the best homemade boba. – You can also check out our YouTube video linked below for the visual details!

Blueberry Fruit Tea Boba with Cream Cheese Foam

2 Bags of Blueberry Tea (we used Celestial Seasonings Multi Pack – The blueberry tea only comes in their multi pack)
1 Bag of Peach Tea (Optional – I find the peach just enhances the blueberry flavor)
Sugar. –  Sweeten to your liking.  (you can also sweeten with honey or simple syrup or use a sugar substitute)
Pour boiling hot water over tea bags . Seep blueberry and peach tea in hot water for 5 min.
Remove tea bags and add sweetener of your choice. 

Cream Cheese Foam

2 Tbs of Cream Cheese (make sure cream cheese is at room temperature.)

3 Tbs of Powder Sugar

4 Tbs of Heavy Cream

1 Dash of Salt (optional)


Mix Cream Cheese and Sugar until smooth.  Add heavy cream to the mixture and blend until foamy.  Note:  You want the foam to still be in liquid form.  Do not over mix.  You are not making whip cream it is the texture of thick and foamy half and half.   

  1.  Add warm Boba to the bottom of the cup.
  2. Add lots of Ice
  3. Pour Blueberry Tea over Ice
  4. Top it off with Cream Cheese Foam
  5. ENJOY!

Ice Coffee Boba

  1. Add Sweetened Condensed Milk to the bottom of the cup
  2. Add warm Boba
  3. Add lots of Ice
  4. Add 2 Shots of hot Espresso
  5. Top it off with Half n Half or Heavy Cream
  6. ENJOY!

I hope you you’ll give these recipes a try! And let us know in the comments the different combos you tired!

We tried a few different kinds of boba – we liked this one best. You have to boil it like you would pasta. The trick is to drizzle honey or sprinkle brown sugar on it. So boil, strain, drizzle and serve!!!
You HAVE to use thick boba straws when drinking boba! These straws were perfect! They are reusable and easy to clean because it comes with two cleaning brushes!

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